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My name is Jerry Gifford and I am the webmaster of several metaphysical websites, one of which is Melbourne Dreams & Metaphysics It is a part of my community of websites anchored by my 500+ page Myths-Dreams-Symbols Because of the many positive factors associated with Myths-Dreams-Symbols that are used in internet search engines I have the top Google search position listed under 'metaphysics Melbourne fl'. This ranking is under the Myths-Dreams-Symbols heading but leads to my website. The site is on the second page of Google search. The page is listed on the first page of Bing search as are two of my Myths-Dreams-Symbols pages. These positions are invaluable for anyone searching for metaphysical resources because most people use internet search to access information.

Under the same search criteria {metaphysics} listed under Space Coast Fl. I have the first two lisings with Google with a third page {The Power of Dreams} also on the first page. Bing has the page ranked first with a second page under Myths-Dreams-Symbols also on the first page. There are two other listings on the second page.

Rankings Under 'Dreams' and 'Dream Interpretation' have similar first page rankings. Under 'dream interpretation' I have three sites ranked on the first page of Google with one page being a link to my Dream Forum at Myths-Dreams-Symbols. My Dream Forum is where I have gained much of my insights to dreams and their interpretations. I have interpreted more than 3,000 dreams at the forum with as many responses to my interpretations and follow-up discussion. An invaluable resource for learning how dreams function as well as a verification of Jungian psyche when interpreting dreams

Over the next several months I will be working to promote my sites in other areas of central Florida and the Space Coast areas. Knowledge of the tools available from Google, Bing and Yahoo, along with the high rankings associated with my already established sites it will not take long to increase my rankings in these other areas.

I invite other metaphysical sites in central Florida and the Space Coast to submit their business and website for inclusion on my links page at The submission is free with no strings or obligations. I will soon make a personal visit to many of these businesses to introduce myself. If you wish to be included on my links page please go to the Submissions Page and submit your site. Again this is a free service with no obligations. My intent is to promote local metaphysical interests, those who have similar interests in life. This is a new page I have recently created and you can view the page site at Metaphysics in Melbourne.

The Benefits of Submitting Your Business/Web Site
One of the important benefits of being a part of my links page is to help with your internet rankings. One criteria for increasing ranking of a website is the number of outside links from other websites. More important is the ranking of those other sites. Because of the high ranking of my Myths-Dreams-Symbols , along with the knowledge and use of webmaster tools with the individual search engines, I had the Melbourne Dreams & Metaphysics website listed on the third page of the above mentioned rankings with seven days. Of course that is a site I created and personally promoting. In early 2012 I created a list with links to my 'Twitter Friends' on my Myths-Dreams-Symbols website {you can view the lists at the bottom of the page of MDS}. Many of those friends have experienced, over a period of time since I listed them, a rise in their rankings, some dramatic {regional sites will get a boost in rankings from a simple linking}. This is how internet rankings work.

Designing Web Pages & Web Sites
If you do not have a web site I can help with that also. As mentioned previously I design websites and do promote a small number of sites in association with my already established sites listed previously. Designing of websites is a part time endeavor for me {my dream work is my primary interest} and to help supplement my retirement income I do offer these services. And I do so at very inexpensive rates. I can create a simple page and list it on my site for as little as $50.00. Or I can develop a complete website with your own name put you online in short order for as little as $200.00 {includes domain name and hosting with a registered hosting site}. I also have limited spots on my websites for ad space. You can contact me for more information. Or visit my page Inexpensive Web Design.

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