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Brevard County Advocacy for Animals
Giving Unwanted Animals a Second Chance
No Kill Advocacy
Brevard County Animal Services Treatment of Sheltered Animals
Critics Swarm Brevard's Animal Services Agency

The Issues:
NO KILL Status, Treatment of Sheltered Animals, Oversight, Volunteers & No Kill Partners,
Money Management, Spay/Neuter Programs, Shelter Personnel, Other Issues
Two New Actions: {12-17-13}
Request by Debbie Rich: Proposal to Brevard County Animal Services (BASE) for promotion of Shelter Animals at the Renningers                                                              Super Flea & Farmers Market {opens in a new window}
Request by Jerry Gifford: Request for Brevard County Animal Services and Enforcement SOP {opens in a new window}

The Bad Guys: Animal Services Management, Collaborative Organizations, Political Agendas
The Good guys Rescue Groups, Volunteers, No Kill Partners, Animal Advocates, Friends of Animals, Pet Owners
Facts, Stats, Reports & Evidence