In a national survey, 96% of Americans, almost every single person surveyed said we have a moral duty to protect animals and should have strong laws to do so. Three out of four believe it should be illegal for shelters to kill healthy and treatable animals, while increasing specialization and advancements in the field of veterinary medicine are driven by a population willing to spend and do whatever it takes to save the lives of the animals they love. In fact, spending on our animal companions is the eighth largest sector of the retail economy, showing steady annual increases even in the face of economic uncertainty, and giving to animal related causes continues to be the fastest growing segment in American philanthropy. So we need to put to bed, once and for all, the notion that animals have to die in U.S. shelters because the public does not care enough about them. When shelters tap into the public's compassion, as the hundreds of communities across the country now saving upwards of 99% of all animals have done, animals live instead of die.

Brevard County Advocacy for Animals
Giving Unwanted Animals a Second Chance
No Kill Advocacy
Brevard County Animal Services Treatment of Sheltered Animals
Critics Swarm Brevard's Animal Services Agency

Americans are crazy about their pets. We spend $50 billion each year on their care and comfort. And we give hundreds of millions more to animal related charities in need. We deserve shelters that reflect, rather than thwart, our values.

At the October 22nd meeting the County Commission will take up a new proposal to eliminate the Animal Advisory Board and to establish a 'Commission on Animals' in its place. Is this an attempt to silence dissent about the mismanagement of the Brevard County Animal Services Department and the atrocious treatment of animals at the facility? Read the proposal summary, questions and concerns in the below foldout. Thanks to Scott Ellis for his contributions for info.
To

County Commission Meeting Tuesday October 22nd, 2013 at 9:00 AM {Tomorrow}
Download Agenda       Plan to Be There
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Meeting will be held in the Commission Chambers: Brevard County Government Center, Building C, First Floor 2725 Judge Fran Jamieson Way, Viera, Florida 32940
This meeting will be broadcast live on Space Coast Government Television (SCGTV) on Bright House Networks Cable Channel 199, Comcast (North Brevard) Cable Channel 51, and Comcast (South Brevard) Cable Channel 13

Florida Today Article: Critics swarm Brevard's animal services agency
Karla Torpy says she just wants to do what's best for the cats and dogs. But the director of the Brevard County Animal Services and Enforcement Department found her agency under attack from some members of the county's Animal Advisory Board. The last two monthly meetings of that group resembled battles of, well, cats and dogs. Why? Community advocates for animals led by Scott Ellis and Judith Weaver, have raised a number of concerns, including the rates of euthanasia of dogs and cats brought to the county's shelters, the county policies related to feral cat colonies, and whether the county is putting enough money into the more
Primary Issues

<1>More than $500,000 in unused money from the past two years returned to the county, money that should have been used on services, food supplies and equipment. Another $155,000 is projected to be returned this year. Yet Animal Services is asking for donations of dog and cat food {see release at right}.

<2>Animal Service's euthanizing of 2,504 dogs and 974 cats in the first eight months of 2013 {euthanasia rate between 31 percent and 53 percent this year} when the goal was for Brevard Animal Services of being a NO KILL¯ county, with less than 10 percent.

<3> Suspension of the operations of the nine-member Animal Advisory Board. Several members, along with some other community advocates for animals, have raised a number of concerns, including the rates of euthanasia of dogs and cats brought to the county's shelters, the county policies related to feral cat colonies, and whether the county is putting enough money into the shelters.
Note: There is now a proposal to eliminate the Animal Advisory Board completely and replace it with a Commission that will have no oversight responsibilities. The looks to be an end run around criticisms of the Brevard County Animal Services. See at top of page.

<4> Five directors in five years. A lack of an ability in hiring qualified personal to fill important positions especially that of Animal Services director {at $72,000 per year}? Torpy is an attorney having practiced personal injury law for 19 years and has no prior animal services experience or education. A concern is her returning of needed funds instead of taking the lead in making Animal Services a No-Kill shelter {as stated in the job description for the director's position}.
The Greatest Issue
Needlessly Killing Animals
Here are the case files of Happy and Mac.

Blue & White

Pit Bull


2 Yrs 8 Mos
Happy described as one of the three best dogs in SACC all year, killed TWO DAYS before Adoption Event.

White & Tan

Pit Bull/Mix


9 Yrs 3 Mos
Mac was also put down. Both were killed for space.

No Kill Advocacy Center
A No Kill nation is within our reach¦

Two decades ago, the concept of a No Kill community was little more than a dream. Today, it is a reality in many cities and counties nationwide and the numbers continue to grow. And the first step is a decision, a commitment to reject the kill-oriented failures of the past. No Kill starts as an act of will. The next step involves putting in place the infrastructure to save more

The Brevard County Animal Services returned $362,000 of unused funds in 2012, another $150,000 in 2011 and are projected to return another $150,000 from the 2013 funds. Yet they are asking for help from the public for food to feed the sheltered animals as noted in this emergence release from Sept. 17, 2013.

Animal Services & Enforcement Department

Karla Torpy
(321) 633-2105
Ext. 52663


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Brevard County's Animal Care Centers Need Dog and Cat Food

BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. -- Brevard County's Animal Care Centers are in need of food donations for its hundreds of cats and dogs.

We have over 300 animals in our care. You go through it quicker than you would expect,ā€¯ said Karla Torpy, Director of Animal Services and Enforcement.

Wet or dry food for puppies, kittens, dogs and cats is needed. Purina and Pedigree brands are suggested, with all donations appreciated, Torpy said. Donations can be dropped off at the South Animal Care Center, 5100 West Eau Gallie Blvd. (just west of Interstate 95) or the North Animal Care Center, 2605 Flake Road (north end of Dunn Airport in Titusville).

Shelter hours are noon to 6 p.m. Thursday through Tuesday. Shelters are closed on Wednesday.

For more information, call the South Animal Care Center at (321) 253-6608 or the North Animal Care Center at (321) 264-5119 or visit

Brevard County Board of County Commissioners
Phone: 321.633.2000

Recent Articles About Brevard Animals Services

October 6th, 2013
Brevard Animal Shelter: Management Incompetence or Animal Abuse

From the Article {by Pat Pasley}
Through an email to, I was alerted about a month ago of the many alleged wrongdoings that were happening at the Brevard Animal Services (BASE). The following is few of the things that was reported:

- BASE does not properly care for the dogs to the point there is inhumane treatment in specific instances.

- The staff does not walk the dogs and it has become too much for the volunteers. There may be a roster with over 600 volunteers, but very very few are active.

- If a dog is housebroken, it usually will not defecate in their cage. This brings stress upon the dog as he/she waits to be let out of the cage.

- There have been serious sanitation problems in the shelter including dogs having surgery without baths.

- The staff are supposed to perform rounds everyday to evaluate each animal, but on observations it was skeptical they were being done at all or done properly.

- The front of their website makes a requests for toys to be donated although none of the dogs have any. If they are being donated, what is happening to them?

Scott Ellis writes:
While crying for money for animal food, and pleading poverty over things as simple as replacing $5,000 of fence, BASE has returned nearly $600,000 in three years. They do not budget for animal food, despite being shown for years multiple large discount manufacturer purchase options. The public has DONATED about $50,000 annually to the animal shelters, but rather than set the money into a segregated account for the animals, BASE throws the money in the general hopper and gives it back to the County general fund each year.There are reports after reports and recommendations, all ignored, from the University of Florida, the Animal Board, the Clerk's Office and other individuals. The shelters have no written and followed procedures, no operational checklists, little interaction with the animals and over 20% of the staff parked in the Viera Government Center as far away from the shelters and road operations as they can more
Oct. 8, 2013 Florida Today
Anderson wants new look at Animal Advisory Board
     -Comments Section to This Article
7 Comments/42 people recommended article
Oct. 4, 2013 Florida Today
Critics swarm Brevard's animal services agency
     -Comments Section to This Article
146 Comments/731 people recommended article

Listen to Excerpts from Brevard County Animal Advisory Board meetings in August and September
February 20, 2012 /
Job Description Posted For
Animal Services and Enforcement Department Director
Brevard County Animal Services and Enforcement Department

REQUIREMENTS: Bachelorā€™s degree in Natural Sciences, Animal Science, Public or Business Administration or a closely related field PLUS Six (6) years of progressively responsible management experience in animal services. Additional qualifying education and/or experience may be substituted on a year for year basis. SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: Must possess, or obtain within 30 days, a valid Florida operator's license. After employment, must attend a 40 hour minimum standard training course within one (1) year. In the event of a hurricane, major storm, natural or manmade disaster that may threaten the area, the employee will be required to perform emergency duties as directed. Must demonstrate a commitment to the no kill¯ philosophy regarding animal shelter management. Apply online at

Karla Torpy's Qualifications/Experience
Personal Injury Lawyer 19 Years

This is not a criticism of Torpy's qualifications as an attorney or as a person.
It is a statement about lack of qualifications listed in job description

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